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The Moodle is a learning management system that helps universities, colleges and other organizations offer courses around the world, including massive open online classes (MOOCs). Moodle for PC is a type of course management system that records time, grades, and papers on a student’s academic progress. Moodle online is free in the sense that it is offered open source and its development is done by a public, voluntary work group. It can be used for both public and private lessons. Also app is mainly used for university classes and corporate training.


The interface of Moodle download consists of two screens. First screen consists of four different tabs in top left corner that are labeled “Course catalogue”, “Course overview”, “Development”, “Help”. Course catalogue tab is a list of courses that are available to instructors to create. Course overview is a full preview of the class that comes with the option to take a 360° tour if you are interested in seeing the lessons. Development tab is an area of the application that is used for preparing your class to begin. The second screen consists of lessons, descriptions, syllabi.


Application has easy navigation and is very user-friendly. I had no difficulties at all navigating through interface and found it quick and easy to find what I was looking for. I also found it fairly easy to get a feel for how the site works and to find my way around.


Functionality of Moodle for free would be that it is an open-source class management system that enables educators to create, organize and deliver a wide variety of online courses. Program is free if it is offered through a public or voluntary work group. Application is mainly used for university courses and for corporate training. Software provides easy navigation and is very user-friendly.


Application has excellent support and is frequently updated. Software offers social networking, a blog, a self-directed learning website, and virtual worlds to help create lessons.


  1. Is Moodle for free download accessible?
    Software's available formats are HTML for web access and PDF for download.
  2. Will I need to download a plug-in to use software?
    No, app does not require a plug-in. You should download Moodle for PC files on official website.
  3. Can I use app on a mobile phone?
    Yes! You can use application on a mobile phone by opening it on the Moodle app official website.
  4. What is the difference between Moodles version 1 and 2?
    Version 1 was an older version of software which is no longer supported. Vol. 2 is the current version that is supported. You can install Moodle and check it out!


In conclusion, Moodle for Windows is a very useful and user-friendly resource. It provides easy navigation and wonderful support. It is great for universities and other organizations to offer courses, and it has an extensive amount of functionality.

Install Moodle App on Windows PC

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